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Automated Assembly and Packaging

Custom Designed Automation Equipment

Central Machines, Inc. designs and builds custom automation assembly equipment. Our organization’s turnkey operation provides full engineering, custom machine shop fabrication and manufacturing, assembly, wiring, programming, installation, training and service. Our designs can be either continuous motion or Indexing; rotary or inline, depending on the assembly requirements. Customers can choose from either our existing standard chassis platforms or select to have a custom design best suited for their assembly application. Our core competency include the design and builds of high speed indexing dial assemblies, walking beam-type transfer systems, cap closing machines, cap lining machines and continous motion assembly ...

Consumer & Household Automated Assembly Equipment

We custom build automated equipment for multiple-piece assembly, cap-closure, and cap lining applications of household products. Our machines can easily fit in any kind of dispensing application with production rates ranging from 20 to 1200 parts per minute. We can either start building your machine using our standardized machine chassis and platform or we can build a custom machine from the ground up.

From reviewing the specifics of tool drawings to final machine assembly, we perform all necessary operations to complete the project per your requirements. Machines can be built for any type of complicated cap closing/lining application in household cleaning products, such as laundry detergent bottles, cosmetic products, personal ...

Medical & Pharmaceutical Automated Assembly Equipment

For the medical/pharmaceutical industry, we manufacture custom automation equipment that complies with the strict standards required for operation in controlled room environments. Specifications for tooling and material finishing are followed per demands of medical device manufacturers.

Custom assembly, cap closure, or liner machines for syringes, sight chambers, check valves, and a variety of disposable plastic products can be manufactured by us. Our custom automation equipment can also be used to assemble HEPA filters for clean room applications. HEPA filters produced in our equipment adhere to stringent medical filter standards (trapping 99.97% of particulates).

High speed vibratory/centrifugal feeding, part ...

Fully Automated Electronics Assembly Equipment

We specialize in production of fully automated, custom programmable equipment for electrical and electronic component assembly. Machines for electrical connector assemblies, pin insertions, semiconductor wafer assemblies, and several other applications can be built to exact specifications.

Vibratory bowls or inline feeders for feeding electronic components into machines are integrated in our assembly machines. Special options for component orientation, parts handling, and high speed stitching operations can be provided too. We custom build automated equipment for assembling mezzanine/stacking connectors, VHDM (high-density) connectors, and back panel connectors in different configurations. Machines for inserting pins into ...

Food and Beverage Automated Assembly Equipment

We build automated assembly equipment for food and beverage applications with FDA approved materials. Dispensing solutions for peanut butter jars, milk jugs, orange juice cans, ketchup bottles, and several other food products are also available.

With extensive experience in equipment building, we can manufacture an entire dispensing unit or specific cap closing/packaging units. Machine rates, types of feeders, leak-testing functions, vision inspection systems, automatic rejection, and several other options can be customized to suit your requirements.

Complying with FDA standards, we use cleanable, non-toxic, durable, non-reactive materials in our machines. Made from premium grades of stainless steel, the supports, ...
Continous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machine

Continuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machine

Continuous Motion Multiple Piece Assembly Machine’s standout feature is a high production rate. These machines are best suited for smaller parts requiring simple operations that are executed one step after another. Once this criterion has been established, our engineers and machine builders can design innovative machinery that will meet your high volume production needs. Our continuous motion equipment will provide excellent repeatability, cycle after cycle, due to our reliance on mechanical components such as servo motors and pneumatic actuation controls. Because we build the machines in our own shop, customers get reliable machines and one-stop accountability. Our machine shop is outfitted with the conventional and CNC equipment ...
Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machine

Indexing Dial Multiple Piece Assembly Machine

Indexing dial multiple-piece assembly machines provide dwell time which allows for multiple, complex operations to be preformed accurately and at a lower cost than continuous motion machines. Central Machines, Inc is experienced in creating indexing machines that can perform operations such as heat staking, ultra-sonic welding and flash trimming during this important dwell time. By selecting an indexing machine, operations such as electrical connector and component assembly and other assemblies from ink jets to baby bottles, to name just a few, can be performed.

Another advantage of these machines is their functional flexibility. They can assemble and perform operations on parts that would be too large for continuous ...
Continuous Motion Cap Closing Machine 2

Continuous Motion Cap Closing Machine

One of our core competences is designing and building self-contained, continuous motion, cap closing machines. Our automated machines can close caps of various types, sizes, or diameters. They can be easily integrated with production/packaging lines with fixed or flexible production rates. Plastic caps, flip-top caps, as well as other types of caps used in products such as milk bottles, juice containers, , and ketchup bottles can be closed by our machines.

Vibratory feed bowls and reject stations with deflector chutes are integrated in our cap-closing machines. Operators can easily configure our assembly machines with touch screen interfaces. Feeder bowls and in-line tracks facilitate continuous flow of product to the ...

Closure Lining Equipment

We provide custom-built roller die liner machines for cap lining in plastic bottle caps, juice can caps, and other screw-type caps. Liner materials, fed in reels into the machines, are precision cut to specific patterns using special blades. Roller dies in our machines can cut flat, round shapes from sheets of cap liner materials. CAM actuated slides with tooling heads transfer the shaped liner material into the cap.

Die liner machines with multiple spindles can be built to fill liner material in up to 1200 caps per minute. Machines are available with both vibratory or centrifugal feeders, and in-line tracks for continuous flow of parts in the production line. De-reelers, pneumatic stock feeders, scrap re-reelers, or choppers ...
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