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Closure Lining Equipment

We provide custom-built roller die liner machines for cap lining all types of closures. Liner materials, fed in reels into the machines, are precision cut to specific patterns using special designed roller dies. Roller dies in our machines can cut flat, round shapes from rolls of cap liner materials. CAM actuated slides with tooling heads transfer the shaped liner material into the closures.

Die liner machines with multiple insertion tooling can be built to fill liner material in up to 1200 closures per minute. Machines are available with both vibratory, waterfall or centrifugal feeders, and in-line tracks for continuous flow of parts in the production line. De-reelers, motorized stock feeders, automatic changing and loading of liner material, scrap re-reelers, or choppers can also be added, if required. The machines can be integrated with secondary closure processing equipment such as closing or multiple piece closure assembly machines.

Tooled for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6-up configurations, the rotary die we use cuts with ease and needs reduced maintenance. Station tooling mounted to ground steel plates can be hardened and ground. Pinch points as well as rotating areas are guarded according to the best practice principles of machine design and OSHA standards. Perimeter guarding can be fabricated with clear polycarbonate panels as well.

From each and every machine our customers can expect longevity and reliability due to our use of mechanical and servo driven motions. Our skilled work force is all under one roof, allowing for the complete construction, and product accountability, within our shop. We use both conventional and state of the art CAD/CAM and wire EDM machines to fabricate the components.

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Closure Type

Round Flat Closure

Form of Product

Liner Material - Supplied on reels
Round Flat Closure - Supplied in bulk

Feeder Type

Centrifugal Feeders
In-Line Tracks

Vibratory Feeders

Production Rate Ranges

Up to 1200 parts per minute

Machine Platform

Cap Liner Machine with Roller Die Configuration

Die Configuration

Precision Rotary Die (1, 2, 3, 4 or 6-Up)

Machine Features

Motorized Stock Feeder
Scrap re-reeler
Cam actuated slide with tooling head
Operator Interface
Automatic Liner
Material Changes
Other Options Available


Hardened and Ground
Station tooling mounted to ground steel top plate, supported by fabricated steel base

Tolerance: +/- 0.001”

Safety Guarding Options

Electrically interlocked guarding
Guarding for pinch points and rotating sections

Perimeter guarding with clear polycarbonate panels

Safety Relays


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